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It's a family affair for sisters Denise and Joanne at Asda Dunbar

October 21, 2020 01:25 PM

It's a real family affair at our Dunbar store where section leader Denise Hitchcock works alongside her 19-year-old son Ryan and her sister Joanne Turnbull – and will soon be joined by Denise's youngest son Alex, who's 17!

And the family's Asda link doesn't end there as Denise's husband Michael – pictured here alongside Denise and Ryan, with Joanne on the left – works as home shopping section leader at our store at The Jewel in Edinburgh.

Denise, who works on ambient, started at our Derby store 17 years ago before moving to Dunbar 12 years ago. She said: "It's nice working alongside Ryan – but he can be a bit cheeky at times! He works in the warehouse, so with me being on ambient I do see him quite a lot. He's a really good worker however and I'm really proud of him."

She says although she and her sister Joanne, who's also a section leader at the store, don't look too similar, they do sound the same. She said: "People say they can't tell us apart when we are talking.

"It's really nice having my sister here. It's so good to have someone you can go to if you need to."

Ryan, who's been at the store for a year – says he loves his role and everyone at the store is so friendly. He said: "It's got a really nice family feel to the place – more so for me with my mum and aunt working here too.

"Because of my shifts I don't see my mum much at home at all, so it's nice to be able to see her here. Before my aunt came to work here I didn't get to see an awful lot, but now I see her all the time which is great."

Store manager Deen Rasul said: "Although not uncommon to have members of the same family working within our Asda family it's fairly unique to have so many working at the same time.

"Despite being from the same family Jo, Denise and Ryan are all very much their own people with their own personalities and all play a crucial role in our store team. It’s a pleasure to have such a great family working in our store and no doubt we will be welcoming more into our Asda family in the future."