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Happy birthday to the Ellesmere Port twins with more than 50 years' service at Asda

November 9, 2020 00:37pm
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Everyone at our Ellesmere Port store loves inseparable twins Pauline Seddon and Carol McEvoy who have clocked up a total of 53 years of service at Asda.

Twins  Pauline Seddon and Carol McEvoy from Asda Ellesmere Port

The twins, who live next door to each other, are the best of friends, working together in the store's bakery department. They've just celebrated their 60th birthday.

Pauline, who's the oldest by half an hour, works in the in-store bakery, while Carol is on the shop floor dealing with bought-in bread and bakery items.

Pauline, who first started working in the store more than 26 years ago, said: "It's nice working in the same department as Carol – but it's not always at the same time. Our shifts do differ, but there is a crossover.

"We do get on really well and very rarely argue. We're really good friends as well as sisters and in normal times we do a lot of things together out of work such as going away on holidays and meals out."

Pauline, who's been married to husband Paul for 33 years, says there's a real family feel to the store.

She said: "We have a great team here. For along time many of them thought we were just good friends never mind sisters or twins as we're not identical."

Younger sister Carol, who's worked at the store for more than 27 years, said: "We all help each other out here – they're all lovely people.

Twins  Pauline Seddon and Carol McEvoy from Asda Ellesmere Port

"For our 60th birthdays we had a celebration and colleagues did a collection for us which was really nice. We were supposed to spend three weeks in Cuba, but due to Covid that didn't happen. We then booked Poland and that was cancelled and even a night out in Liverpool had to be scrapped – but we will plan something next year instead. We are all in this together and we we keep going."

Store manager Cordelia Kingsley says the twins are really well thought of.

She said: "They get on well with everyone here. They are really, really friendly and always so welcoming to new colleagues.

"They are real characters, the pair of them, and are fun to work with and very hardworking. They are a very important part of the team here.

"They do everything together which is lovely to see – it's like they are joined at the hip! They may not be identical to look at you can't tell them apart when they are speaking, especially on the phone!"

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