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Nine-year-old Ailie donates her pocket money to good causes at our Aberdeen Beach store

November 13, 2020 03:02pm
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Colleagues at our Aberdeen Beach store are overwhelmed by kind-hearted nine-year-old Ailie MacIntosh who always donates the pocket money saves up to charity whenever she calls in.

Ailie MacIntosh supports charity at Asda Aberdeen Beach

Ailie is well-known at the store for donating to whichever good cause the store is collecting for when she helps her grandad Stewart Edwards with the shopping – and the store's community champion Pamela Yuce says she's a "little superstar".

Pamela said: "Ailie could easily spend her pocket money on toys or treats in our store, but she chooses instead to donate to charity. I don't know many children who would do that. It's such a lovely generous gesture.

"She's been doing it for a number of years now and always donates to whichever charity we are supporting at the time. She’s definitely a community champion in the making – she's a little superstar!"

Pamela is so proud of Ailie's efforts that she arranged to give her a gift card and chocolates to say thank you for her kindness.

Ailie's mum Seonaid said: "Ailie knows that she's really lucky and charity is important. It's so nice of her to think about others, especially at the moment. We are all so proud of her.

"It started off with her grandad giving her a lot of change as pocket money, but she said she'd rather give it to charities than to keep herself.

"I think Ailie is quite privileged as compared some others in this city and her father, Craig, and I try to make her realise how lucky she is. She'd rather give to others than spend it on toys or sweets.

"There was a local story in Aberdeen last year where Cash For Kids were doing a winter coat appeal and Ailie was shocked to find that there were children going to school without a winter coat or gloves. It was pretty alien to her and it really took her back."

Ailie's grandad Stewart Edwards, pictured above with Ailie, lives a ten-minute walks away from the Aberdeen Beach store and pops in most days.

He said: "I'm very proud of Ailie; I love her to bits. She's a darling girl, a very endearing child. She knows about children who are not as fortunate as she is and she feels for them.

"She likes to pour the money we collect into the collection buckets and there's usually quite a lot so it sometimes spills over the floor. There's usually £20 to £30 each time we do it."

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