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'Just fabulous' Bridgend colleague Sally praised by customers for her cheerful manner

November 20, 2020 00:46pm
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Friendly colleague Sally Loveday says she loves putting a smile on people's faces at the checkouts at our Bridgend store – and customers have been posting on Facebook to say how much she brightens their day with her cheerful manner, games and doodles for children.

Sally Loveday from Asda Bridgend

Regular customer Aimee Scott posted in praise of Sally here after a recent shopping trip, writing: "Sally is just fabulous. Not only did she turn checking out into an amazing game of catch for my two boys, Oscar and Harrison (8 and 6), she also took the time to draw two animals on the back of a receipt for them!

"She really took the time out of her day to entertain them in what normally is a stressful situation due to the pandemic. It’s really touched me! Massive kudos to you Sally for doing such a fabulous job in trying times and thank you! The boys have proudly displayed the artwork on the fridge!"

Doodles by Sally Loveday at Asda Bridgend

Aimee's post prompted other customers to say how much they appreciated Sally's friendly customer service too:

"She had just come on to till when I was there the other day and what a lovely lady she is cheered me up just by the way she spoke to me"

"This lovely lady drew me a lovely pic to cheer me up when I was trying to do shopping some week after a C-section before years ago. Glad to see Sally is still making people smile"

"What a legend Sally is!! Lovely to know there’s still people like this, that it’s not just a race to get as many people in and out ! Love it"

"I always try and look for Sally when I go shopping Such a friendly kind happy person. Certainly takes the stress out of checking out. A thank you from me too"

"She's always so kind and makes you feel so welcome aways says don't rush packing take your time I'm in no rush such a lovely lady I always look for her on tills I hate shopping but once you get served by this lovely lady you forget it cos she don't rush you has a chat with you make you feel at ease and welcome she deserves a medal for kindness and patience such a lovely lady"

Sally, who's 58, has been at the store since it opened 13 years ago and has lived in Bridgend for 35 years. She says she loves putting a smile on people's faces.

"The praise is very nice, but you don't do it for that do you?" said Sally. "You do it to make someone's trip through the store a little bit easier. If they leave my checkout with a smile then I've done my job – whether it's helping to pack or drawing a little doodle for the little ones. Whatever works for them, works for me. A smile doesn't cost anything does it?

"I'm a people person and I like to chat! I have regular customers who come in on a Friday and they may not have seen anyone all week, but they always come to my till – which is always Number 18 – so we can have a chat while I'm scanning their shopping."

Sally, a grandmother of five whose daughter Liz also works at at the store, said: "I just started to do the doodles as a bit of fun, but the kids seem to like them, especially the elephants."

Debbie Davies, the store's front end manager who nominated Sally for an Asda award, said: "Sally really is a superstar in the store – she is fantastic, she really is. A lovely person.

"Customers just love her. They always make a beeline for her till – they don't mind queueing to see her.

"She gets involved with everything in the store and you can always hear her coming as she has bells in her belt loop so she jingles when she moves!"

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