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Asda Grangemouth delivery driver Robert loves making his customers smile

December 4, 2020 02:25pm
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Home shopping driver Robert Muirhead says stopping to chat with his elderly, vulnerable or lonely customers and leaving them with a smile on their face means so much to him.

Robert Muirhead from Asda Grangemouth

Twenty-four-year-old Robert, who's based at our Grangemouth store, is backing our Delivering Christmas Kindness initiative. He's one of our delivery drivers wearing a 'Happy to Chat' badge to let customers who might be isolated or lonely know that they're there for them.

Robert said: "I went to an old lady last week and she almost had me in tears as she said I was the only person she'd seen in nine days. When I started to chat to her she was so happy and she said I'd made her day, which made me really happy as well.

"The stuff I was talking about was just like what she was watching on the TV. She said she couldn't wait till later that night as EastEnders was on and because I like EastEnders we talked about that. I asked her who her favourite characters were and she was so happy. She just kept chatting away. I was really thankful that I made her day.

Robert Muirhead from Asda Grangemouth

"I got back in my van and I just said to myself, even if it's just for a split second if you make someone's day and make someone smile that is absolutely worth it. I know how it feels to be lonely and I never want anyone else to feel like that.

"I think it's amazing that Asda has given us these Happy to Chat badges that say we are not too busy and we can have a chat. We have the time for people. Customers do appreciate it when we chat. You can see it in their faces, their mood actually lifts because we are engaging in conversation. It doesn't cost anything, it's just basic humanity.

"I always greet my customers with a friendly smile and ask them how their day's been and just engage in normal conversation. A lot of customers probably think we are too busy to talk, but we always have time for our customers"

The store's home shopping support manager Lori McLay said Robert and the rest of the drivers at Grangemouth were more than happy to take time out to chat with customers.

She said: "With numbers of loneliness rising, having a chat can make the difference for some customers who may not see anyone else.

"I was handing out the Happy to Chat badges to our drivers, but Robert came up specially to ask for his. He's such a happy and bouncy guy and the customers love him. He is full of energy and I can see how on the road he could make the difference to someone's day. He is one of our many great drivers here who are all so friendly."

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