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Kind-hearted colleague Shaun is always happy to help customers at Asda Beeston

December 11, 2020 04:20pm
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Our kind-hearted colleague Shaun Brett is always happy to help customers at our Beeston store in Leeds however he can – even personally delivering shopping after finishing work and calling round to help a partially deaf and blind customer set up a new TV she'd bought.

Shaun Brett Asda Beeston

On one occasion recently an elderly shopper on a mobility scooter came into store wanting to buy tubs of chocolates but, having no immediate family nearby, had no way of getting them home, so deputy manager Shaun delivered it to her home after he finished his shift.

And another time a partially blind and deaf elderly customer phoned up to say she'd bought a TV from one of our stores and she couldn't get it to work so Shaun called round on his way home and fixed it in no time!

Shaun, who's 32, said: "I'm just down to earth. When customers need assistance, I like to help. I'm a big believer in giving back to the local community. It's the right thing to do. Sometimes these people have nobody else around to help them.

"The lady with the chocolates could not thank me enough. She really appreciated it but I'd do it for any customer, especially in these unprecedented times, but that's just me. I like to see myself as a good humanitarian."

Shaun Brett Asda Beeston

Store manager Steven Navey, who has nominated Shaun for an Asda award, said: "The customers in store love him and he does everything with a smile on his face. He sees this as part of our responsibility in the community.

"He's a really, really kind and caring person who puts everyone else before himself all the time. He sacrifices his time for colleagues and customers. He has a massive heart and we are all proud of him.

"When the elderly customer couldn't get her shopping back Shaun just said to her 'I'll get it to you.' He's not from Beeston so he used his Sat Nav to find her house on his way home – which is 28 miles away – and that's all after a 10-hour shift."

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