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Little Chloe is all smiles after Asda colleagues track down replacement for her favourite bag

December 31, 2020 11:30am
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Two-year-old Chloe Williams loves her mini Asda bag so much that she takes it everywhere she goes – and when it started looking a bit "too well loved" colleagues at our Cramlington store pulled out all the stops to help her mum Kirsty Betts track down a replacement.

Chloe Williams with her Asda bag

Chloe was given the health and beauty samples bag by her aunt Emma, who works in a salon and had received it with an online order.

Chloe brings it with her every time she goes out, including on her regular visits with Kirsty to our Arnold store near Nottingham. She carries toys and snacks in the bag, and even snuggles down with it in bed.

But with the bag starting to wear and Kirsty worrying what would happen if Chloe lost it, she contacted family friend Toni Lockley, who works at our Cramlington store near Newcastle, to see if she had any ideas. `She asked the store's community champion Jackie Burt, and she immediately stepped in to help.

Jackie Burt from Asda Cramlington

Jackie said: "Toni came up to me and said she had a favour to ask for a friend. He said:' You know how some kids want dollies and teddies and things as comforters', and I said yeah, then she said 'Well this little girl has a thing about an Asda bag, but we can't seem to find one anywhere.' It was a bit of an unusual one as I'd never see one like that before, but I said I would see what I can do."

She made a few phone call, including one to Asda regional people manager Laura Wiszniewski, who herself made a few inquiries and managed to track one down.

Jackie said: "I was totally gobsmacked when the team got back to me after a few days and said they'd got one for me. They sent it up and I got it sent off to Chloe.

"Kirsty sent me a video showing little Chloe opening her parcel and I started crying! She was was so happy and cheerful. She was absolutely buzzing with her new bag. I'm so glad we were able to help."

Chloe Williams loves her Asda bag

Kirsty, who lives in Nottingham with partner Callum, said: "My sister Emma, who works in a beauty salon, got the little sample bag when it came with an Asda order. The salon didn't need it so my sister brought it home and gave it to Chloe. Since that day it's gone absolutely everywhere with her – she even takes it to bed.

"She puts her shopping in it when we go out and every time we go into our local Asda in Arnold the staff see her with her little bag and smile.

Chloe Williams with her Asda bag

"We were quite surprised when she took to it, but she loves it! She fills in with all sorts at home including Lego and even blocks of cheese. The bag's very well loved now and we just thought 'what would happen if it got really worn or if she ever lost it, so I first got in touch with our friend Toni who works at Asda Cramlington and it went from there.

"I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped to get Chloe the bag. It's unbelievable. She is over the moon and now takes both bags out with her!"

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