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Longwell Green home delivery driver Clare loves the sights she sees on her rounds

January 12, 2021 10:36 AM

Our home shopping driver Clare Dring loves to take photos of the amazing sights she sees when she's on her deliveries around Bristol and North Somerset – including an original Banksy painting and the famous Royal Crescent in Bath.

Clare, who has worked at our Longwell Green store for the past two years, said she was close to Banksy's latest creation on the side of a house in the Totterdown area of Bristol and couldn't miss out on a selfie!

She said: "I'm from Bristol and very proud of it and I always like to keep an eye on Banksy's work. His latest one came up and, as I was delivering near to it, I thought 'perfect – I can go see it.'

"It's on the steepest hill in Bristol too! Recently we've picked up a few postcodes in the Bath area so it's always nice to go there too. It's amazing what you see around here.

" I love my job, especially getting out and about, and it really fits in with my family life."