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Graeme wades through the snow to complete delivery to isolated farmhouse

January 19, 2021 03:37pm
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A big well done to our fantastic delivery driver Graeme Connell whose efforts battling through snow and ice to deliver to an isolated farmhouse impressed a customer so much that she wrote in to say thank you.

Graeme Connell from Asda Alloa

Graeme, who's based at our Alloa store, thought he would get stuck if he tried to complete the delivery in his van, so he got out and delivered the shopping on foot – around a quarter of a mile along a steep hill there and back.

The grateful customer appreciated his efforts so much that she wrote to the store, saying: "What a great service and lovely guy. He must have been exhausted."

Graeme says he's only doing his job and that he's always happy to help.

He said: "It's great knowing you've helped people and it's so nice of them to take the time to say thank you, but we know they need their shopping so we'll always try our best to deliver it."

Graeme, who started working at the store in November, says conditions were really tricky at the time.

He said: "The place was covered in snow and the driveway is on a steep hill, so I knew there was a chance the van would get stuck, so I decided to get out and deliver their shopping on foot.

"We deliver to a few tricky places and it's about 50-60 miles of back roads and farm tracks, so it can be really difficult in bad weather. You'll sometimes think the weather's bad in the city but you get up there and it's a different world!

"They are in the middle of nowhere and you can't see anything. Our customers are great and when the weather's bad they will phone you and come down to the main road in their 4x4 so you don't get stuck.

"Customers have ordered online for a reason and we are here to help them. If that was someone in my family living in an isolated place I would like to think someone else would do the same for them."

The store's e-commerce trading manager Victoria Baker says everyone at the store is proud of Graeme and the other drivers for their efforts.

She said: "Graeme's a new driver for us but he's taken to it brilliantly and has got such an amazing attitude. It can be really difficult out there – even on a normal day some of the roads are tricky. We cover a large area and some of the furthest deliveries are an hour and a half away over hills, along narrow roads, one track lanes and farms."

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