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Asda Warrington rallies to support flood-hit communities

January 25, 2021 08:48am
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Asda Warrington supports flood-hit communities

Colleagues from our Warrington store have been working hard to ensure people who've been badly flooded in the aftermath of Storm Christoph receive the emergency supplies they need.

The store's community champion Liz Cotterill, who's been overseeing the aid efforts, says they've already given out 22 Asda Foundation Emergency Funding Grants totalling around £5,000 to pay for cleaning materials, food and other supplies for community groups and individuals.

Asda Warrington rallies to support flood-hit communities

She said: "I haven't cried so much as I have today. I spent a lot of time on the phone listening to people's heartache and then making a plan to help.

"On the first night when it all went crazy with people needing help. I hosted a Zoom meeting with the community groups who I deal with and I said to them 'What do you need? Tell me and I will ask the Asda Foundation for it' and that's how it started.

"We've given out things like fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and even meat as some people are cooking on camping stoves. We've also given out toilet rolls, hygiene essentials and cleaning stuff too such as mops and bleach – a mixture of everything really.

"Colleagues have been helping me to pick and pack up all the food and supplies too as well as my son Lewis, who's 17.

Asda Warrington rallies to support flood-hit communities

"We often get localised flooding, but nothing like this. Some people have had to be evacuated in the middle of the night with absolutely nothing. Some have stayed put, but they're surrounded by water and living upstairs in their homes. We are lucky as we are in the centre of the town and there's no water near us."

"We know we have done our best to help support our community at one of its lowest points – floods rising, damage still unknown and the water is filthy too. People trapped in their homes to stay with their pets, crowded with friends and family even in this pandemic or in hotels strewn across north west.

Asda Warrington rallies to support flood-hit communities

"But Warrington is a town of resilience and we will get through this, like with every challenge we've faced over the years. It's proven time and time again that our community is made from amazing kind humans who I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis - wonderful, hard working people who will help anyone."

Local community group Craft in Mind, run by Emma Green and Johnny Wilson, were given £1,000 in Asda Foundation funding for food and supplies which they will distribute to around 100 families in the Dallam area of Warrington which have been effectively cut off from the rest of the town by the flooding.

Asda Warrington rallies to support flood-hit communities

Emma, who's opening her home and creating a community hub to support those in need, couldn't thank the Asda Foundation enough. She said: "When Liz told me about the funding I said 'are you sure the £1,000 is all for us? Thank you so much."

Others to be helped included the residents of Lea Court Care Home, in Dallam, who were evacuated and moved across the North West.

Liz said: "Lea Court were the recipients of some of our face masks last year and I saw a plea go out on Facebook from one of the relatives, Jacqui, who wanted to put toiletries together to give out as they had absolutely nothing with them."

Funding was also secured for Caroline and Dave Thompson from Warrington Disability Partnership who have opened up their cafe in Sankey Bridges and are providing hot meals to those in need.

Other groups to receive Asda Foundation funding for goods included The Good Guys Group, The Shannon Bradshaw Trust and Good Neighbours WA5.

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