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Gosport colleague Aaron praised for helping elderly customer get her favourite treat

January 26, 2021 00:25pm
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Well done to Aaron Cox from our Gosport store who's been praised for his exceptional service after making sure an elderly customer who is isolating at home got her favourite Marmite cashew nuts.

Aaron Cox from Asda Gosport

The lady's son Tony wrote in to praise service section leader Aaron saying: "I've been a customer with Asda for over 20 years now and I've never had customer service as good as I had from Aaron.

"When I visited the store to do my mother's shopping I must have asked him three or four times for the locations of items in store and he took me to them each time.

"Unfortunately I couldn't find some Marmite cashew nuts so Aaron offered me something else, but they are mum's favourite so I couldn't replace them. I explained that she would just wait until I had a bit more time off work and he said 'Well she can't go without, my dad loves them too and I wouldn't like to see him go without.' I said, 'What do you mean?' to which he said 'If you have time to pop in tomorrow I will make sure there are a couple of packets here for your mum or, if work is too much, then I am more than happy to drop them round to her.'"

Aaron later tracked down three packs of the nuts which he bought and put to one side for Tony to collect the following day. When Tony called in to collect them he offered to pay Aaron back. But Aaron declined, suggesting that Tony used the money to buy his mum some flowers instead.

Tony said: "Aaron really went above and beyond all expectations."

The store reimbursed Aaron for his kindness, and new store manager Catherine Curtis said: “It was wonderful to start in a new store and receive such lovely news about one of our colleagues. I had the great opportunity to congratulate Aaron and thank him for a job very well done. I am very proud to have him on our team."

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