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George from Asda Dunfermline runs two marathons in 48 hours to help food bank

January 29, 2021 04:30pm
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Home shopping colleague George Costello from our Dunfermline store ran the equivalent of two full marathons in 48 hours to win a friendly bet with his wife – and then used the money to buy much-needed groceries for the local food bank.

 George Costello from Asda Dunfermline ran two marathons in 48 hours to raise money for the local foodbank

Sixty-year-old George, who's worked at the store for four years, ran four miles every four hours until he reached his target of 52 miles – even running at midnight and at 4am.

Father-of-two George, who has run 30 half-marathons over the years, said: "As I turned 60 my plan was to do six half-marathons for 60, but with Covid everything got cancelled. I said to my wife Laura that I was going to do a full marathon for the first time and she kind of challenged me £50 to do it so I ended up doing two marathons over two days! I started at 8am on a Wednesday morning and finished at 8am on the Friday morning

"I did a four-mile loop around the town which I often do and my times varied between 32 minutes and 38 minutes. I felt very tired at the end of it, but it was a good feeling.I was quite pleased with myself that I'd completed it.

As he completed his challenge, George decided to match his wife's £50 bet and together they went to our store and filled a trolley full of food and essential items which they left for Dunfermline Foodbank to pick up.

Keen golfer George, who was nominated for an Asda award for his community spirit, said: "With everything that had happened due to Covid and a lot of people out of work and struggling we felt we wanted to do something for the local community. That was our motive really."

Home shopping section leader Callum Chalmers said: "It was such a lovely gesture from George. He's such a lovely, friendly bubbly person who is always happy to help anyone. He's such a pleasure to work with."

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