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Kind-hearted Sarah 'loves making customers happy'

February 1, 2021 01:57pm
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Everyone at our Portsmouth store is proud of kind-hearted service section leader Sarah Twine who loves going out of her way to put smiles on customers' faces.

Service section leader Sarah Twine at Asda Portsmouth

Store manager Scott Allam, who nominated Sarah for an Asda customer service award, says Sarah has been a tremendous asset to the store throughout the pandemic, with her friendly customer service and positive outlook often being recognised by customers who write in or tell him what a star she is.

Scott said: "They say adversity brings out the best in people, and that's certainly the case with Sarah. I'm so proud of her. She always keeps customers and her team smiling with her positive outlook and friendly way with people.

"We regularly receive cards and messages from customers who say they appreciate what we've done during these last 10 months and I know a lot of that is because of Sarah."

A modest Sarah, who's 41 and has worked at the store for seven years, said: "My colleagues have been amazing too, supporting me and stepping up, and it is very much a team effort.

"This has been an anxious time for lots of people, so we'll always try to help them however we can whether with a friendly chat or helping them find the quieter checkouts.

"We have a lot of older people who come in and we're often their only form of social contact so we try to look after them, have a little conversation with them and keep them safe.

"I feel like I'm just doing my job but it's always nice to hear that our customers are happy, and it's nice to be appreciated. I just like keeping people happy!

"I'm a positive person anyway; I like to laugh and joke with customers and keep people happy.

"I like being there for customers. Regular customers become your friends over time – you know many of their names, you know their history and the important things going on in their lives, and you see their children growing up. It's why I love my job and love helping them."

Sarah says her children Max, who's 12, and nine-year-old Violet are proud of her for being a keyworker.

She said: "My daughter in particular loves it and always wants to know what's happened at work."

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