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Home shopper driver Wajid battles through the snow to make his deliveries

February 4, 2021 04:32pm
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Dedicated home shopping driver Wajid Hussain from our Burnley store has been dubbed a modern day Milk Tray man after he dug out and moved a car stuck in snow and then continued to deliver his groceries on foot!

Asda Burnley delivery driver Wajid Hussain battles through snow

Regular customer Alex Mann posted this picture on Facebook and thanked Wajid for his determination in difficult conditions, saying his heroic actions were "above and beyond the call of duty."

She said that after seeing the snow on the Lindsay Park estate in Worsthorne she never expected to get her shopping delivery – especially when she saw several people trying to rescue a stranded car at the bottom of her road.

She said: "Moments later though, like the Milk Tray man, I saw a figure dragging a wheeled trolley backwards through the slippy snow. That’s Asda! I cheered, pulling on my wellies to go to meet my groceries.

"I said to him, 'I didn’t think you’d get here? 'There was a car stuck only minutes ago.' ‘Yes‘, he said, ‘that was me, I dug it out and reversed it for them.‘

"He had to park at the end of the road and drag the shop to me. He said to me 'I decided everyone on my list today would get their shop'.

"The shopping was soo heavy too, bless him as I'd put some of my mother's shopping on the order too and there was champagne for our wedding anniversary.

"Wajid really did go above and beyond the call of duty. He was brilliant. He wasn't bothered about himself at all, just about the customer which was really nice. If we hadn't have got our shop that day we'd have probably been living off tinned food and ice pops!"

Asda Burnley delivery driver Wajid Hussain battles through snow

Dad-of-five Wajid, who's worked at the store for four months, said it was nice to be praised, but insisted he was only doing his job.

He said: "The snow was pretty heavy and fresh and I saw an elderly couple struggling with their car which was stuck so I went to help and they appreciated it.

"My van couldn't get to the address where I wanted to get to so I had to get there by foot and they had a pretty heavy delivery as well! The lady was very grateful which was nice and her comments on Facebook were really appreciated.

"I had to walk to about half my deliveries that day because of the snow, but I had to make them as some of them were vulnerable customers. I love my job and I wanted to make sure all my customers got their deliveries."

Chris Hart, manager of our Burnley store, said: "We are quite high up here so we can get heavy snow. Wajid's driven onto the estate to make a delivery and spotted a car which was stuck. He's dug it out then reversed it up the road and got them on their way. He then decided that he couldn't get his van up the long road because of the snow so he's dragged the delivery a fair old way up the hill to the customer who was very grateful!

"Wajid's really modest, but he was touched by the nice comments on Facebook. It was nice of the customer to take the time out to praise him.

"He's a good guy and very committed. He gets on well with his customers and we always get good feedback about him. He just has a nice way about him, so what he did was no great surprise.

"We are proud of Wajid and all our drivers who have working really hard in the snow to make sure all the deliveries got through."

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