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Customer writes to thank the 'diamonds' working at Asda Carcroft

February 4, 2021 10:53am
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Regular Asda customer Melanie says the colleagues at our Carcroft store are simply "diamonds" and she'd be lost without the friendly little chats she has when she comes in to do her shopping.

Customer says colleagues at Asda Carcroft are diamonds

Melanie says the store has been a lifeline to her during the pandemic and some elderly customers that she knew said shopping there was the highlight of their day.

She wrote a lovely letter to store manager Terry Edwards praising the team by name. She wrote: "There's Tracey with her sweeping and her cheery chat, Angie who always makes you feel that you are interesting, and all the quiet young men who go about their trolley duty and stacking shelves.

"Carol is always there marshalling the troops, Louise is always bright and uplifting while Dawn's calmness and Gill's care are appreciated. Georgina always looks glamorous and Sarah always has a chat about dogs. Steve helped with my faddy husband's love of non-alcoholic wines and there are all the others whose names I'm not sure of but who are diamonds.

"I appreciate that you respect my need for social distancing too. This will end and some of us will always remember how much you helped us."

Store manager Terry said: "It's fantastic to hear we are being recognised as a team – from the cleaners right up to the leadership.

"It's lovely to hear positive comments in such a difficult time. I'd like to thank each and every one of my team for their hard work and positive attitudes."

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