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Praise for Liam from Asda Drakehouse who 'can brighten the most miserable day'

February 5, 2021 02:16pm
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Our friendly colleague Liam Timms loves making people smile at his checkout at our Sheffield Drakehouse store – and one of his regular customers says his positive outlook "can brighten the most miserable day."

Liam Timms from Asda Drakehouse

Customer Bev Garth posted on Facebook to praise Liam, saying: "He is probably the happiest, most pleasant person I've ever met. When he's working on the tills we always head to his checkout because he really can brighten up the most miserable day.

"There are a number of amazing staff at this store, but this young man just stands out. He gives amazing customer service."

Liam says it's lovely to be praised, but says he's only doing his job – and that it's his natural personality to be friendly and cheerful.

He said: "Whether it's for a chat, a bit of dance or someone to listen, I'm there. My job is to see our customers have the best time possible. The greatest honour I get from my job is when I know I've made someone happy and helped them.

"If I can make someone laugh or smile for five minutes then I'm happy. I make it my target each day. If I can make customers smile just that little bit more, it doesn't matter if there's a pandemic. We can always bring joy to people.

"A couple of years ago I had a customer come in and I got the most overwhelming compliment I've ever ever heard as a person. He thanked me as he had lost his wife three months before and yet he said that for some reason coming to my checkout made him smile.

"I've remembered that gentleman every day. If, as a checkouts colleague, I can make give someone the strength to keep coming in then I'm doing something right with my life."

Liam loves his work and the camaraderie in store. He said: "I work with some amazing colleagues here at Asda. They are so wonderful and so interesting. They are different people from all backgrounds who make me laugh and smile and we help each other out in hard times – it's good."

Liam Timms at Asda Sheffield Drakehouse

Glynis Marriott, the store's customer trading manager, says Liam is a model colleague with an engaging personality who will always go above and beyond for his customers.

She said: "He oozes enthusiasm, he really does, and he's very caring – always focused on doing the right thing too. He's very selfless and makes sure everyone else is okay.

"Some customers do queue up just to go to his till as he's very popular. I'm no way surprised by the number of comments and compliments that he gets.

"Liam lifts us all. He's always got something to tell you and often has a little jig to Asda Radio. He has an infectious personality and that’s why customers love him!

"Sometimes, especially in these difficult times, you just need someone to ask 'how are you today?' or 'how's your day been?' Liam may be the only person some of our customers see all day and he likes to make them feel special.”

In his spare time, Liam's an amateur film-maker and is currently working on directing his first feature length film – a romantic comedy in the vein of Notting Hill and The Full Monty. Steven Spielberg watch out!

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