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Long Eaton colleague Bev always puts a smile on customers' faces

February 8, 2021 02:09pm
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A big well done to our wonderful colleague Bev Hudson who's been getting some fantastic comments on Facebook for the friendly welcome she always offers at our Long Eaton store.

Bev Hudson from Asda Long Eaton

A customer posted on the Spotted in Long Eaton group in praise of Bev, saying: "I just wanted to say how lovely the lady on the door at Asda Long Eaton was today greeting us all with a “Good Morning” being very jolly and most helpful. Well done Bev you made me smile and you are all doing a great job. It’s a lovely gesture in these testing times."

A number of other customers replied to echo those comments, saying things like: "Bev is the best, always jolly and full of smiles", "Bev's a definite asset to Asda" and "We got such a lovely welcome when we walked in."

Bev Hudson from Asda Long Eaton

Mum-of-two Bev, who's worked at the store for 18 years, says it's nice to get praise, but insists she's only doing her job – and that smiling and being happy cost nothing.

She said: "It's lovely to get praise as it makes you feel that you have done your job properly, but I can't do my job without the team I work with and we have a great team here.

"My aim in a day is to make people smile. If I've done that then I've done good.

"As a customer you'd rather talk to someone with a smile on their face. That's just my nature. I do feel that I'm a people person.

Bev, who's 52, says the best part of her job is meeting different people every day.

"I always have a chat to the customers who come in," she said. "Some people may live on their own and not see anyone all day or all week even.

"If I know that people are on their own from past conservations I make a point of having that couple of minutes with them. We have a regular lady who comes in on a Thursday evening who lost her husband a couple of years ago and we all make the effort to chat to her. She loves it and it makes her day. She looks forward to her Thursdays because of it.

"If you see you've put a smile on her face it makes your job worthwhile, doesn't it?

"And we have another lady who comes in and she will say 'it's so lovely when you come in here as you all make the time to speak to me'. We can see that she's looking for someone to talk to.

"You don't know how people see you, but I hope that people see me as jolly and friendly."

Karen Bennett, the store's customer trading manager, says everyone at the store appreciates the great job Bev does.

She said: "She is a genuinely lovely person and those comments about her came as no surprise.

"We are very close-knit family store here and everybody will go out of their way to help anyone."

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