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'We can't thank them enough': Mum's delight at Logan's special Asda carrier bag

February 10, 2021 01:06 PM

When Asda shopper Lauren Hutchison asked us for a special carrier bag for her son Logan, our colleagues pulled out all the stops to get him one in time for his seventh birthday.

Lauren searched high and low for the carrier bag Logan, who is autistic, had seen in one of our adverts on YouTube but couldn't find one anywhere.

In a last-ditch attempt to get one she contacted our customer services team for help and colleague Joanne Holmes, who's based our home office in Leeds, made it her mission to find one.

She found out that the bags been specially made for this Scan & Go TV advert:

Asda | Scan & Go Mobile

After making a few calls, spoke to Claire Armitage in our design team who located one and posted it off to Logan wrapped up in Spider-man paper.

Lauren said: "Logan was over the moon when he got it – he said it was better than his birthday. It was so nice of them to do that; we can't thank them enough.

"Logan just loves carrier bags – it's his thing. He'd seen an Asda advert on You Tube on his iPad for Scan & Go and he kept showing it to us saying that he wanted that particular bag.

"Ever since he saw it we've been going to our local Asda in Washington to find one and my family in Liverpool have been looking too. In the end I popped an email to customer services explaining the situation and asked if we could buy one.

"They came back to us and said they'd managed to get one for him and they wrapped it up and sent it to him for his birthday. He got an Asda till for his birthday too so he uses his bag when he plays with that. He's so happy."

Joanne said: "It was lovely to get an email from Logan’s mum and a photo thanking Claire and I for getting it to him as it was his best present. It was great to see a photo of his happy little face. It made me fill up a bit. It was such a pleasure to help."