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Happy Valentine's Day to Sharon and Del who met while shopping at Asda Stonecot Hill

February 12, 2021 01:48pm
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Happy Valentine's Day to Asda customers Sharon and Del Wing who met and fell in love while shopping at our Stonecot Hill store in Sutton.

Valentines Sharon and Del Wing met at Asda Stonecot Hill

The couple – who've recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary – said if it wasn't for their love of Asda they wouldn't have found each other.

Fifty-eight-year-old Sharon said: "I lost my husband Robert from cancer in 2014 and I saw this man behind me at the till and he looked really sad. I started to talk to him and he was having a really bad time as he'd sadly lost his wife too. I said I'd been where he was and so I asked him he if he wanted to join me for a cup of tea or coffee."

Sharon, who has an 18-year-old son Leo, said: "When I went shopping that day in Asda I really won the jackpot. Never would I have ever thought I would meet such a lovely man as Del. He is amazing.

"All the staff in Stonecot Hill know me personally, as I’ve got friendly with them over the years since the store opened. They all knew Del as well and knew how hard it had been for him too. When they realised who Del had fallen in love with they were all so happy. They said we would get on so well!"

One Asda colleague, Sally Smith, who Sharon has known for years, even made their wedding cake!

Wedding day picture of Sharon and Del Wing who met at Asda Stonecot Hill

Del, who's 79, had been married to Barbara for 40 years until she sadly died three years ago. He was living alone and was "at a very low ebb" when he popped into Asda for some groceries and a newspaper.

He said: "I was just queuing up for some milk in Asda that day – I wasn't looking for love and neither was Sharon. But she turned round to me and honestly I fell in love with her there and then. She had a gorgeous smile. She's the most wonderful woman, she really is. She's kind and considerate and thinks of everyone else. She's one special woman.

"After she invited me for a cup of tea and I went round to Sharon's the next day and that was it really. She has lit up my life!"

Valentines Sharon and Del Wing met at Asda Stonecot Hill

The couple, who will be celebrating Valentine's Day with a romantic meal at their home in Morden, got engaged on a cruise ship several months after meeting 18 months ago. They were married in January last year.

Andree Brookbank, the store's fresh section leader, has known Sharon and Del for the past three years. She says it's a "true Asda love story."

She said: "It really is a lovely story we are all so happy for them here. It's quite amazing. how they met. We used to see them shop separately, and then they started to come in together."

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