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Baby Harry makes a dramatic entrance in the car park of Asda Pwllheli

February 22, 2021 11:41am
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Congratulations to proud new parents Delyth Jones and Dean Stawman whose baby Harry made a dramatic unexpected entrance into the world in the car park of our Pwllheli store!

Dean Stawman and Delyth Jones with baby Harry who was born in the Asda Pwllheli car park

Dean, who's 26 and works at the store, was finishing his shift oblivious to the drama that was unfolding just feet away and only found out he was going to be a dad when he got home.

The couple had no idea that Delyth, who's a home carer for elderly and vulnerable people, was pregnant. When her contractions started she thought it was appendicitis. Her mum Andrea and sister Kate – who also works at Asda Pwllheli – called an ambulance, but when the crew arrived it was clear she was in labour.

They started driving her to the nearest maternity ward, 30 miles away in Bangor but, unable to get there in time, they stopped en-route at our Pwllheli store's car park.

Delyth, who's 25, says they're shocked but delighted by Harry's unexpected entrance.

Dean Stawman and Delyth Jones with baby Harry who was born in the Asda Pwllheli car park

She said: "I've had a pain like that before and had been rushed in before, so assumed it was something similar. I phoned my mum and sister thinking it could be back so they came over to help me. When they got there the pain changed and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Then half an hour later he was born."

Kate, who works on the store's customer service desk, said: "We rushed over to help because she wasn't feeling well and we thought it was appendicitis. At one point she said, 'I think I'm having a baby', and we laughed. So it was quite a shock when it turned out she was right! She really had no idea she was pregnant. She wasn't showing and didn't feel the baby move."

Delyth says she knew the ambulance had stopped at Asda, but everything happened so quickly after that. She didn't have time for any pain relief – "just a couple of gulps of gas and air" – before Harry was born, weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 7oz.

Delyth and Harry were taken to Bangor Hospital for checks, but were home within 24 hours.

Dean Stawman and Delyth Jones with baby Harry who was born in the Asda Pwllheli car park

She said: "We were going through Pwllheli in the ambulance when they said we were going to have to stop. The community midwife was around and jumped in the ambulance at Asda and 10 minutes later he was delivered. I said to them, 'Tell me I haven't just given birth in Asda' and they said I had – and that it would be listed as his place of birth on his birth certificate.

"It must be fate that he was born at Asda with our connections there."

Delyth and Dean, who've been a couple for seven years, have been telling shocked friends and family their wonderful news, and after they've got over the surprise she says everyone's delighted for them.

She said: "It's been such a whirlwind, but it's been so good and I have absolutely loved it. I wouldn't change any of it.

"Dean knew I'd had a couple of pains the night before and knew I wasn't well, but we decided he should go to work as usual. He arrived home just as I was giving birth in Asda. My mum knew he was coming back, so waited for him and told him what was going on. As soon as he found out he was ecstatic.

"We knew we were going to have children one day, but hadn't planned for this.

Dean Stawman and Delyth Jones with baby Harry who was born in the Asda Pwllheli car park

"The reactions have been amazing, and I love watching the shock on people's faces when I tell them. It's not a story you hear every day, is it?

"We've got a really supportive family, and that makes a huge difference. We had nothing in, so they've been rushing around for us. We're still trying to get some of the things we'll need, but we've got all the essentials now."

Delyth was working until two days before Harry was born, when she had a couple of days off. "

Dean went into work the following day without telling any of his friends and colleagues what happened, as Delyth was still in hospital.

She said: "I told him he wasn't allowed to tell anyone – but he's made up for it now!"

Kate, pictured below, says everyone at the store is delighted for Delyth and Dean.

Kate Jones from Asda Pwllheli whose nephew Harry was born in the Asda car park

She said: "We're all slightly shocked, but very happy. A couple of people said they'd seen the ambulance in the car park, but everyone was oblivious to what was going on inside.

"Everyone's overjoyed, and I'm ecstatic. I think Delyth and Dean are still in shock and a bit of a state of disbelief – especially Dean!

"It's wonderful news though. It's all been a bit doom and gloom recently with everything that's going on in the world, so it's given us all something to smile about."

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