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How our pharmacy team at Asda Watford is supporting the NHS's vaccination programme

February 25, 2021 09:57am
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Everyone at our Watford store is so proud to be playing a pioneering role in helping accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Asda Watford dedicated Covid-19 vaccination centre with the NHS

Thousands of people have already had their first jab from Asda pharmacists at the dedicated vaccination centre which has been set up at the back of the store. It's only the second supermarket in the country able to support the NHS in this way following our Cape Hill store in Birmingham.

With its large car park, easy access and stringent safety steps including a separate entrance for people calling in to be vaccinated, site clinical lead Kushtrim Sinani says Asda Watford's vaccination centre is a convenient choice.

Asda Watford dedicated Covid-19 vaccination centre with the NHS

He said: "It was a great effort by everyone to bring this site together and get things running so smoothly. We've hired trained specialists to carry out the vaccinations and the checks needed, and we're also lucky to have our regular pharmacy team who have been a tremendous help as well.

"We're extremely proud of everyone's work. Everyone's worked so hard and got together to make this happen, and being part of this great drive is wonderful."

Kushtrim says the reaction from people having their jab at the our Watford store has been great.

He said: "We've had loads of positive feedback with people saying it's really efficient, that the pharmacists are taking their time, delivering a good service and answering any questions.

"Every patient I've spoken to has been happy – someone even called it the Harrods of vaccination centres!"

Shital Patel from Asda Watford's dedicated Covid-19 vaccination centre with the NHS

Asda pharmacy colleague Shital Patel (pictured above), who's worked at the store for 16 years, and retrained to join the pharmacy team two years ago, has been supporting the initiative.

Shital is a dispensing assistant, and her role, alongside her day job in the pharmacy, has been to support the vaccination team by registering people when they arrive, checking their details and medical history.

Shital, who's 43, says she's delighted to be able to help.

She said: "We're all feeling so proud and so happy to be helping the NHS and doing whatever we can to ensure as many people as possible are vaccinated.

Asda Watford dedicated Covid-19 vaccination centre with the NHS

"All the people doing the vaccinations are trained pharmacists – the same as if you were having a flu jab.

"There's been a very positive reaction from people who have their vaccination. Many of them are people who regularly come to the pharmacy, so they know about Asda and the service we provide so they are happy to come here for the vaccination knowing they're in good hands.

"It's really exciting to be a part of something special – especially as we know this is an important part of the plan to help us return to a more normal way of life."

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