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Ben's poster for our home shopping team takes pride of place in Asda Antrim

February 26, 2021 03:06pm
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Seven-year-old Ben Watson's so proud of his mum Claire and all her colleagues at Asda for what they've done during the pandemic that he drew this lovely thank-you poster for a school project.

Ben Watson with his poster from Asda Antrim

Training co-ordinator Claire, who works at our Antrim store, said: "Towards the end the day the teachers at Round Tower Integrated School, where Ben goes, give them a nice task to do and on this occasion it was to make an appreciation poster. It was just to say thank you for anything that you are grateful for. He decided that he wanted to do Asda – completely off his own back!"

Ben and his nine-year-old brother Ethan haven't been able to visit the store recently, but Claire says that before the pandemic they loved calling in.

She said: "They used to be in all the time and they know a lot of the colleagues there. We had to shield last year so we had our shopping delivered and the drivers were great.

"Although Ben's young he is very appreciative of what we all do there. He's really clued up. Me and my husband Johnny are so proud of him and his brother Ethan. They are both very caring natured. Everyone comments about their good manners."

Once Ben had finished the poster, he asked if he could hand it over to one of Claire's colleagues when they picked up their Click & Collect order – and it's now in pride of place on the wall of the home shopping department.

Claire said: "Colleagues said the picture was just adorable and some of the drivers even took photos of it."

We agree – thank you Ben!

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