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Caring Asda Perth home shopping colleagues are happy to help vulnerable customers

March 1, 2021 04:36pm
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Well done to wonderful home shopping colleagues David Sinclair and David Findlay from our Perth store who've been going out of their way to help vulnerable customers throughout the pandemic.

David Sinclair from Asda Perth

Maureen Fenton, the store's home shopping section leader, said nothing was too much trouble for driver David Sinclair, pictured above.

She said: "He really is a superstar. There's a vulnerable customer in Pittlochry who is in her 70s or 80s and David has been doing her shopping for her and then taking it to her in his own time, off his own back. He gave her his own private number too in case she ever needed him and if she's ever short of anything he will get it and run it up to her.

"He's also checked on vulnerable customers when he's been passing to make sure they are doing okay.

David Findlay from Asda Perth

"The other David, who is on our Click & Collect service crew, always goes the extra mile for his customers. He has, on a number of occasions, taken shopping to home of customers who could not get in because they were isolating due to Covid. He's done that in his own time on his way home after his shift has ended. He's just genuinely always happy to help.

"What they've been doing is just common decency really. They do whatever they have to to make it a wee bit better on people in these difficult times. I think I work in a department which is made up of heroes like these two."

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