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Allyson forms close bond after helping her elderly neighbour

March 2, 2021 02:05pm
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Everyone at our Kilmarnock store is so proud of their kind-hearted colleague Allyson Rae, who's formed a close bond with an elderly neighbour after going out of her way to help him during the lockdown.

Allyson Rae from Asda Kilmarnock

Allyson, who works at the store's petrol filling station, has regular chats with her neighbour, and her acts of kindness include cooking and delivering a Christmas dinner for him after discovering he was going to be on his own on the big day.

The pair have since become close friends, keeping each other in good spirits throughout the lockdown restrictions.

Allyson said: "My heart was breaking for him when I found out he was going to be spending Christmas alone – I know how much I appreciate my family, so I can imagine how he was feeling when he couldn’t see them over Christmas.

"If I can help somebody with anything then I will – I’m glad I could help him out a little and make him feel less alone around the festive period."

Suzanne Powell, the store's customer trading manager, said: “Allyson is one of the most bubbly and well liked characters I know. She is so chatty and everyone in store, colleagues and customers alike, love to speak to her!

"She really does have a heart of gold, and she’ll do anything for anyone to help out if she can. Well done Allyson for this act of kindness!"

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