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Mary's thinking of future generations in supporting our Tickled Pink campaign

March 5, 2021 04:58pm
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Our Wrexham store's wonderful community champion Mary Williams is a passionate supporter of our Tickled Pink breast cancer charity campaign – and as it celebrates its 25th anniversary she says it's more important than ever that people regularly check themselves.

Mary Williams from Asda Wrexham supports Tickled Pink

Before the pandemic she was regularly joined by her daughters Lisa and Sarah at her in-store events to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel.

Mary became a grandma for the first time during the first lockdown, when Lisa (pictured above with Mary at a Tickled Pink event before the lockdown restrictions) gave birth to her daughter Aria, and says that looking ahead to what else Tickled Pink can achieve over the coming years to help their generations is a big motivation.

Mary Williams from Asda Wrexham supports Tickled Pink

Mary said: 'We've always been big supporters of Tickled Pink at my store because it's such an important cause and so many people know someone who's been affected by breast cancer. The messages of checking yourself regularly and getting checked out if you spot anything unusual saves lives.

"I've been here for 23 years this year, so I can see we've come a long way since Tickled Pink started. But there's still more to do. I hope that with all the attention on the pandemic over the last year people don't feel that they shouldn't be talking to their doctor if they're concerned about anything."

Mary says Lisa would often book days off work so she could help at her in-store fundraising events, and says it means so much to have the support of her and Sarah (pictured here with Mary at a Tickled Pink event before the pandemic).

Mary Williams from Asda Wrexham supports Tickled Pink

Mary said: "Lisa in particular has helped me raise so much money for Tickled Pink over the years and Sarah's a great help too. It started off with Lisa wanting to support me, but over time she's been talking to people who've been through breast cancer and she says that makes her more determined to raise money and awareness.

"I am so proud of my daughters, and my granddaughter. It was really hard not been able to help when Lisa come home from hospital as we were in lockdown so I could only see and support her though FaceTime which is not the same as hands-on help and support, but Lisa is doing a fantastic job and is a great mum. Aria is so cute and getting ready to walk.

"Lisa is expecting her second child and my second grandchild in August. I think it's so important to think of Aria and my other grandchild and imagine what progress we can make in their lifetimes – and that's why I'm as passionate as ever about supporting Tickled Pink."

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