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Happy Mother's Day to 'super-proud' mum and daughter from Asda Biggleswade

March 9, 2021 11:31am
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Ahead of Mother's Day, our Biggleswade store's wonderful community champion Jaimie Young says she couldn't be more proud of her 18-year-old daughter Tegan Mead who, for the last year, has balanced studying for her A Levels with working as part of the store's home shopping team.

Jaimie Young and Tegan Mead celebrate Mother's Day at Asda Biggleswade

Tegan worked on Click and Collect at the start of the lockdown and now also works as picker for home shopping customers, and Jaimie says she's really grown in confidence.

Jaimie says it's such a treat working alongside her daughter.

She said: "It's lovely having Tegan at work, but it takes a bit of getting used to when you hear someone call you Mum at work!

"I'm super-proud of Tegan. With all the uncertainty her generation have faced she could have been a stereotypical teenager and stayed in her room during lockdown, but she wanted to get out and help. She's achieved lots, learned loads and always asks if we need her to do anything more.

"She's gained so much confidence during the last year, and I put that down to the people we work with. They're such a great bunch of people and really supportive, and that helps a lot when you're just starting your working life like Tegan."

Tegan says the friendly welcome she got from all her colleagues has meant she's really enjoying working at Asda.

She said: "I really enjoy it here and the people have been so welcoming. Having my mum there is so nice and being able to talk to her if I had a problem or was unsure of anything was so good.

"I'm so proud of my mum – the work she does as community champion is amazing. Everyone in town knows my mum so they all know me as Jaimie's daughter, which always puts a big smile on my face."

Tegan Mead from Asda Biggleswade celebrates her 18th birthday

Tegan's currently taking her A Levels, and hopes to secure a health care apprenticeship helping terminally-ill children. She was inspired after watching the difference her mum made looking after little ones at the pre-school nursery she was deputy manager of before joining Asda two years ago.

Tegan said: "When Mum was a deputy manager I was growing up around young children and seeing them go home with a smile on their face made a big impression on me and made me feel good, so I think if I can help children and their families when they need it the most that's a good thing."

Although Tegan's working in the morning on Mother's Day, she plans to make a big fuss of Jaimie when she gets home. Her 11-year-old brother Kian, four-year-old sister Peyton and dad Paul will at be home to give Jaimie a special day too.

Jaimie says it feels very different to last year, when Mother's Day coincided with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said: "Mother's Day last year was the beginning of the first lockdown and such an uncertain time, so I'm really looking forward to this Mother's Day."

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