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Oliver chooses an Asda uniform like his mum's for school dress as a superhero day

March 24, 2021 11:02 AM

When Oliver Neilson's school organised a 'Dress as a superhero day' for Comic Relief there was only one person he wanted to be – an Asda key worker just like his mum Kelly Hadfield who works as an optical colleague at our Sheffield Drakehouse store.

Kelly, who's worked at the store for seven years, said: "When he told me about dressing up as a superhero I thought he would have wanted to be Batman or someone out of Star Wars - but he just said he wanted to be an Asda colleague like me as we'd all worked so super hard this last year. I'm really proud of him.

"He's grown up such a lot over the pandemic. We've had to talk about stuff we necessarily wouldn't have talked about with someone his age. He's also been seeing me going to work and doing a little bit of everything, not just on optical."

Kelly arranged for nine-year-old Oliver to be given a green Asda T-shirt, lanyard, name badge and optical badge. She also took the lenses out of a spare pair of glasses so Oliver could look like her.

And Oliver, who goes to St Giles School in Killamarsh, even wrote on the back of the name card: "My Mum is my hero!"

She said: "He loves the uniform – I think he'll be wearing it all the time now."

Emma Richardson, the store's optical manager, said: "I think what Oliver has done is pretty awesome to be honest. For someone of that age to say Asda colleagues are the real superheroes is pretty cool."