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Luca chooses Asda uniform for school's superhero day

April 13, 2021 10:57 AM

When six-year-old Luca Grose was asked which superhero he'd like to dress up as at school there was one obvious choice for him ... an Asda keyworker!

His mum Natalie is a regular customer at our Tunbridge Wells store and says Luca, who goes to St John's Primary School in Crowborough, has really taken notice of everything our colleagues have done throughout the pandemic.

She said: "We were encouraging him to think beyond the fictional superheroes and suggested doctors, nurses and other keyworkers like supermarket workers – and as soon as I mentioned that he knew he wanted to dress up in the Asda uniform. It couldn't be any other store – it had to be Asda!

"He was explaining to me that they were superheroes because they've been keeping everyone fed and have been working while the world 's been upside down."

Natalie contacted our Tunbridge Wells store's customer services team to see if they had a T-shirt he could borrow, and the store's community champion Janet Gilmore immediately stepped in to help, sending a polo shirt, name badge and lanyard for Luca. Janet was so touched she also bought trousers, an Easter Egg, sweets, balloons and various other items for Luca out of her own purse.

Natalie said: "He was so excited with the things Janet sent him and so proud to go to school dressed up in the uniform – particularly with his own name badge."

The family are regular Asda customers, and Natalie says that seeing colleagues at work on a recent visit made a strong impression on Luca.

"We had been down to Asda the weekend before his superhero day and he had been watching what was going on and had obviously taken it all in," Natalie said.

"I'm so proud of him for thinking of dressing as an Asda keyworker – it was really thoughtful of him. He wasn't that keen on the idea of dressing up until he decided who he wanted to be then he was really excited and knew exactly what he wanted."

Janet said: "It's nice of Luca to think of us like that, particularly at such a young age. He looks great in his uniform and it's such a lovely thing that he did."