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Asda Radcliffe home shopping team name van after much-missed colleague Leighton

April 14, 2021 01:59pm
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Asda Radcliffe van named after late colleague Leighton Hardy

The home shopping team at our Radcliffe store have named one of their delivery vans in honour of much-loved colleague Leighton Hardy, who tragically died of cancer last year.

His colleagues at the store wanted to find a fitting way to remember 44-year-old Leighton, who was a home shopping driver, and agreed that the 'For Leighton' message on one of their new vans would show that he’ll always be remembered by them.

Craig Booth, the store's e-commerce trading manager, said: “We're a really close-knit group here, so it had a big impact on us when Leighton passed away.

"We didn't want to ever forget him so we’re proud that one of our vans is now dedicated for him. He was a top guy and is missed by us all here at Radcliffe.

Tributes to Leighton Hardy from Asda Radcliffe

"Leighton's partner is over the moon with it. Because it's been a few months now since he passed away she was happy to know we were still thinking of Leighton every day and that we won't stop thinking of him either."

Craig says the message on the van has caught the attention of some of the people Leighton, pictured below, used to deliver to.

Tribute to Leighton Hardy from Asda Radcliffe

He said: "You form a close bond with your customers when you see them regularly, and I know of at least one customer who knows Leighton's family who saw the message and stopped to take a picture of it.

"Leighton was such a big part of our team here, and it's important to us to remember him like this."

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