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Caring Asda Barrhead colleague Shaun looks after ill customer

April 16, 2021 01:56pm
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Our Barrhead colleague Shaun Frye has been praised for his caring nature after he helped an elderly customer who felt poorly at the checkouts.

Shaun Frye from Asda Barrhead

Shaun immediately stepped in to help, getting the lady a glass of water, a chair to sit on, and chatting to her until she felt better.

Once Shaun was sure that the customer was feeling ok again, he helped her into a wheelchair and took her home, making sure she was settled and bringing in her groceries.

Shaun said: “I could see the customer was distressed and panicked, so I stopped what I was doing to assist her. We had a little chat to make sure she was feeling ok again. She was relieved that I was there to help her home and get her groceries in.

"I was just doing my job – I would hate for one of our regular customers to have an unpleasant experience in store and just want to make sure everyone is looked after.”

Asda Barrhead’s store manager Colette McCloskey praised Shaun, who's been nominated for an Asda customer service award for his kindness.

She said: “Shaun is such a valued member of our team – we are extremely lucky to have someone like him who always goes above and beyond for our customers.

“He is warm, friendly and will always go the extra mile for someone who needs help. Well done Shaun for putting our customers first, as always.”

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