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Kind-hearted Asda Wythenshawe colleague gives boy money he'd lost

April 29, 2021 05:16pm
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Kind-hearted Asda security colleague Frank Reece gave a distressed boy £10 from his own pocket after the boy lost his dad's shopping money in our Wythenshawe store.

Asda Wythenshawe security guard Frank Reece

Fifty-four-year-old Frank said: "The boy, who was about 13 or 14, came up to me and asked if anyone had handed in a tenner as he'd lost it. He had tears in his eyes and looked very upset.

"I told him to check customer services, but he came away saying they hadn't got it. I really felt for the lad. His dad had given it to him for shopping so I said 'don't worry' and gave him £10 from my own pocket. I just felt for the lad. My mam always told me to help people whenever I could."

Frank said after the boy had done his shopping he offered to give him the change, but he told him to keep it.

Shopper Jayde Bond witnessed Frank's kind gesture and took to the Wythenshawe One Facebook group to praise him, saying: "I’ve just been in Asda civic and there was a young boy walking round crying, I asked if he was okay and he said he had lost £10 of his parents' money and he couldn’t find it, I asked if he had checked at customer services and another lady suggested the security, who I think asked him to check with customer services again.

"He was so upset. I was quickly trying to figure out my money to see if I could help, but before I could figure out anything the lovely male security guard had followed him and replaced the money. I love that there are still so many good people around. Asda, the security guard on shift at your Wythenshawe store is an amazing asset to your store."

Jayde said afterwards: "I just thought it was a lovely thing to do, a breath of fresh air, and that the security colleague deserved some recognition."

Hundreds of people reacted to Jayde's post offering their own praise – and she told the Manchester Evening News it was nice to celebrate acts of kindness like this: "People are always quick to report the bad that happens in Wythenshawe, it’s nice to hear of good things happening within your community.

"The security guard didn’t think twice and he changed that young man's evening. I felt that his generosity was something that deserved to be acknowledged and applauded."

The store's security section leader Anthony Finlay says colleagues are proud of Frank's kind gesture.

He said: "It was a really nice thing for him to do. He saw that the boy was inconsolable so took a tenner from his own pocket and gave it to him. Frank's such a friendly guy – very jolly and very smiley."

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