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Six-year-old Wyatt thinks his delivery driver dad Rob is just first class

May 10, 2021 01:46pm
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Six-year-old Wyatt Perry thinks his delivery driver dad Rob is simply first class – so when his school asked him to draw his lockdown hero for a new Royal Mail stamp there was only one person it could be!

Rob Perry from Asda Blackpool and his son and Wyatt Perry

Rob, who's worked at our Blackpool store for three years, said: "It really moved me when I saw what Wyatt had done. He drew me, my van and the Asda store. He's obviously so proud of me... but I'm so proud of him.

"There was no prompting from us at all – he did it off his own back. We never knew anything about it until his school, Norbreck Primary, showed us it!

Wyatt Perry stamp design to honour dad Rob Perry from Asda Blackpool

"They'd asked the children to draw a lockdown hero for a competition run by the Royal Mail. Other children decided to draw heroes like NHS key workers, but Wyatt wanted to draw me. He knows that during the pandemic myself and other drivers had to deliver to people who would otherwise have struggled to get their food."

Children aged from four to 14 are being asked to design a stamp that will honour someone who has worked extra hard during the pandemic. The winning entries will form a set of eight stamps which will be released in spring 2022.

"It would be brilliant if Wyatt's design made it on to a real stamp," said Rob, who lives in Fleetwood with wife Claire and other children Abbigail, Lily and Willow.

Simon Mackel, the store's deputy manager, said Wyatt's entry for the Royal Mail competition was brilliant.

He said: "We all love Wyatt's drawing and we all think his dad’s a hero too! He's a fantastic colleague who's a big family man. He never stops talking about his kids."

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