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Destiny calls for Asda Caerphilly section leader Joss

Joss Evans from our Caerphilly store was born to work for Asda ... in fact his mum Denise went into labour with him while she shopped at the store back in September 1995!

May 21, 2021 01:01pm
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Joss Evans from Asda Caerphilly

Now, 25-year-old Joss is working as a service section leader at the same store – and he loves it.

"I think It was meant to be," said Joss who, at the age of seven, dressed up as an Asda colleague for a BBC Children in Need day at school.

Proud mum Denise got in touch with us on Facebook to tell us about Joss's life-long Asda connections.

She said: "My contractions started when I was shopping in the store about 7pm. I was 10 days overdue. He didn't want to come out so maybe going to Asda started them off. During the night they got worse and 6.15am he was born! It really is ironic. When I told Joss about it he thought I was joking.

Joss Evans from Asda Caerphilly when he was seven

"Regarding the photo of Joss dressed as a Asda colleague, well his school was doing a Pudsey Day on 'people who help us'. We got talking about supermarkets and my sister, Donna, was working in the Asda cafe at Caerphilly so she said he could borrow her uniform for school.

"He always liked my sister's pen holder and he was proud as punch when she said he could hook it onto his school trousers. She got a name badge from work for him too – he was really chuffed!

"And now he's section leader in the store and we're all really proud of him. He's really excelled and hopefully he will keep on climbing the career ladder with Asda."

Joss started work at the Caerphilly store while he was at school and continued working there when he came home for holidays while studying history at Swansea University.

When he graduated he worked in the cafe alongside his aunt but when the pandemic broke out last year he moved onto checkouts and was promoted to section leader soon after.

Joss Evans from Asda Caerphilly

Joss said: "I can't really remember the photo of me dressed up as a child but it's a funny photo. It's strange that years later I'd be wearing an Asda uniform for real.

"I really enjoy my job. I like the people I work with, as it's a very friendly store. Everyone knows each other here and we get on with the customers.

"I like the fact that every day is different at work and that I get to react to and deal with different situations. It's a lot of hard work but I really like it."

The store's customer trading manager Sharon Moon says Joss is an integral part of the Asda team.

She said: "Joss is a really good colleague and gets on well with customers, colleagues and the management team.

"He fits in so well here it's as if he's always been here ... which in a way he has!"

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