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Cheerful Christian makes customers smile with his friendly service

June 01, 2021 08:55 AM

Cheerful checkouts colleague Christian Quaiter prides himself on making sure customers leave our Longwell Green store with a smile on their face.

Cristian – who's well known for wearing Union Jack braces – is forever getting positive feedback from customers for his cheery nature and polite manner.

One customer wrote to the store to thank Christian, saying: "He truly made my day with his joyful, caring and helpful manner. I imagine everyone else served by Christian also felt the same. We left Asda feeling happy.

"He was incredibly well mannered and kind. He took the time to ask us about our day and seemed genuinely interested.

"He provided wonderful service, which is specially important through the pandemic. He gave us advice on returns and offered assistance with packing, but in such a kind and helpful way."

Tina Lawrence, the store's customer trading manager, nominated Christian for an Asda customer service award. She said she was always getting fantastic feedback from shoppers complimenting him.

She said: "Christian is such a real gentleman – a real personality with a booming, theatrical voice and a wicked laugh! Everyone loves him here – he's always chatting to customers and making them feel at ease.

"Christian is full of conversation, personal to each of his customers. I am proud to have him in my team

"He always gives amazing service and makes people's day. Well done Christian and thank you."