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Colleagues build umbrella tent to keep elderly lady dry after breaking hip in car park

June 21, 2021 10:11am
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A huge well done to Mandy Holley and Stacey Parson from our Asda Living store in Llantrisant who spent three hours keeping an elderly customer dry and warm after she had a nasty fall in pouring rain in the car park.

Mandy Holley and Stacey Parson from Asda Living Llantrisant

Mandy and Stacey made sure the lady and her husband were as comfortable and warm as possible – sitting with the couple and holding umbrellas over and around them until an ambulance arrived.

Store manager Michelle Lambert, who nominated Stacey and Mandy for customer service awards, said: "The weather was absolutely horrendous and the lady, who'd been shopping in the store, fell over in the car park. She was badly shaken up.

"Stacey, who's a first aider, and Mandy called for an ambulance then got as many umbrellas as they could find in the store and made a tent over themselves and the couple to keep them dry while they were sat on the ground.

"They couldn't move the lady as they didn't know exactly what she had done, but we later found out that she'd broken her hip. Stacey and Mandy stayed with them, made them comfortable and got them drinks while they waited for the ambulance. They really are very caring colleagues and went above and beyond that day.

"The gentleman phoned the following day to say how eternally grateful he was and to thank the colleagues for their amazing kindness."

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