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Hats off to Helen for repairing elderly customer's much-loved flat cap

June 22, 2021 08:58am
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Hats off to our wonderful colleague Helen Haywood who helped an elderly customer who couldn't find an exact replacement for his favourite flat cap by taking it home and fixing it for him herself.

Helen Haywood from Asda Bideford

George colleague Helen, who works at our Bideford store, got chatting to the customer as he looked for a replacement for his cap, which was getting a bit worn out. After explaining that the store didn't have anything similar, she realised she could repair it herself, so offered to take it home.

Our Bideford store's deputy manager Martin James said: "Helen was chatting to the customer and unfortunately we didn't stock any that were similar so Helen, bless her, who likes sewing and knitting, said she'd fix it for him at home.

"She did it over the next few days and then left it in an envelope at our customer services desk for him to pick up. He was very, very happy with what she she'd done.

"It was a lovely thing for Helen to do. She's a former nurse and is a very caring and humble person."

Helen Haywood from Asda Bideford

Penny Bartlett, senior Asda director for the south west, was so taken aback by Helen's kind gesture that she nominated her for an Asda customer service award.

She said: "While this may seem like a small gesture, I think it's genuinely above and beyond and a wonderful thing to do. It really shows the personal touch we all strive for."

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