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Meet Windy - the checkouts treasure at our Killingbeck store who's always smiling

July 1, 2021 11:34am
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Everyone at our Killingbeck store in Leeds loves our wonderful colleague Windy Isaac, who's so well known for her cheerfulness and friendly manner that some customers make a beeline for her till especially to be served by her.

Windy Isaac from Asda Killingbeck

Windy – who's one of the colleagues across the country we're saying thank you to as part of the UK's first national Thank You Day – says she loves seeing customers leave the store with smiles on their faces.

She said: "I like to make people happy when they are shopping. If they leave my till with a smile on their face then I'm happy, I've done my job. At the end of the day, if the customer is happy, I am happy."

Regular customers, like Julie and John Cochrane, always look out for Windy when they're in the store. They said: "When we see her, we go straight for her till because she is so jolly!"

Their comments were echoed by Sandra Gaunt who said: "Windy is famous in Leeds. She is one of the many, many cashiers that are helpful, but she is outstanding. She is always cheerful, pleasant, helpful and kind. She is always happy. You can always tell when she is in store, because you can hear her voice!"

And Andrea Holgate added: "This is my friendly checkout operator! She always makes me smile and she's very cheerful."

Windy, who's worked at the store for three years, says it's lovely to get such comments, but she is just being herself.

Windy Isaac at Killingbeck pic two

She said: "I just love my job; the customers, the colleagues and the store, they are all just brilliant. I'm just a bubbly person, the lady at the party! I'm happy with myself, and I enjoy making people happy.

"The best part of my jobs chatting to the customers. I love a good chinwag as I'm a right chatterbox and I love hearing all their stories.

"Some of the elderly customers who come into our store may not see anyone all day so it's nice to have a chat with them."

The store's community champion Sarah John says Windy is a one of a kind and is well known for greeting our female customers with her trademark, "Hello, baby girl!"

Sarah said: "She is such a joyous, bubbly person and customers and colleagues just love her. She radiates passion for her role and always shows a keen interest in everyone she serves. If she's only met you for a minute, it's like she's known you 20 years.

"She'll always listen to what the customers are telling her and the next time they're in she will remember and ask them about it. She's always getting positive comments and I often hear customers, when they have left her checkout, saying what a lovely person she is."

Mandy Downs, the store's customer trading manager, says Windy is a valuable member of the team who's excellent customer services are appreciated by all her colleagues.

She said: "Windy is such a bubbly and happy person who's always smiling. Customers do often queue just to be served by her, especially if they they have kids with them as Windy always likes to get them involved.

"She's always happy to have a chat which is great as some customers live on their own and won't see anyone all day."

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