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US government thanks Asda Newquay for excellent service during G7 summit

August 11, 2021 10:33am
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Checkouts colleague Lynn Bryce and the team at Asda Newquay have been thanked by the US government for keeping the store open so they could buy water and snacks for President Joe Biden's team on Air Force One while they were in Cornwall for the G7 Summit.

Lynn Bryce from Asda Newquay with her letter of thanks from the US Embassy

Lynn was on the door of the store just before closing time when a cavalcade of black vehicles sporting American flags turned up and men in dark suits asked if they could quickly come in for essential supplies.

Lynn was happy to help, and was shocked when the store later received an official letter from Frank Ledahawsky, Minister Counselor for Management at the US Embassy in London, who thanked her for her "quick-thinking and positive attitude" and the "flexibility and pragmatism" shown by the store.

Store manager Richard Shepherd said: "Lynn was telling customers that the store was soon shutting for the day when these men came to the door and asked if they could come in and buy some essential supplies.

"At first I think she just joked with them that saying they might be Joe Biden's security but we were still closing! She had a bit of a laugh with them, was just very polite, and let them in.

"They picked up water and snacky bits really. They may have been stocking up Air Force One, who knows? I don't know whether any of the stuff was for the President, but they bought quite a lot.

"Although the bigwigs were down in St Ives for the summit, a lot of the delegation and security were here in Newquay and even Air Force One flew into Newquay Airport. We quite regularly had men in dark glasses come into our store. The town was heaving during that time."

Lynn said: "I was bit overwhelmed when I got the letter which came with an enamel pin badge too. It was right at closing time and I said they could come in but they would have be to be really quick as we were just about to shut.

"I didn't think more about it till I got the letter. It's nice to get a bit of praise. It's great to work with the team here who have been so great during the past 18 months."

In his letter Mr Ledahawsky wrote: "At closing time on Sunday, June 6, your store became instrumental in supplying the urgent and extraordinary needs of the US delegation to the G7 summit.

"The flexibility and pragmatism shown in that moment by both the manager and the team did not go unnoticed.

"The US government would like to extend special thanks to Lynn, whose quick thinking and positive attitude was greatly appreciated by agents of the delegation.

"We are grateful for both the professionalism and dedication of the team at Asda Newquay and wish every one of you the very best."

Richard said he was a bit taken aback when he received the letter. "It was a nice gesture and Lynn was pleased as punch with it. I'm thinking of getting it framed for her!"

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