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Customers love Bob, 73, for his friendly service and big smile

August 13, 2021 10:27am
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Customers at our Bedminster store in Bristol love our 73-year-old checkouts colleague Bob Bennett for his friendly service, infectious chuckle and big beaming smile.

Bob Bennett from Asda Bedminster

Bob's really well known for making customers' visits extra special by having a chat and a laugh with them when he's scanning their groceries.

Customers Pat and Phil Blackmore said: "We love Bob. He is so friendly, helpful and funny. He's helped us learn how to use self scan. We are of a similar age and he made it so simple for us to understand. He is a credit to Asda."

Another customer, Chris Hunt, said: "Bob is lovely; he is so helpful when you go through his checkout . He always has a chat and joke – just what you need after a stressful day at work."

And Edward West-White said: "Good for Bob, not only to still be working but dealing with new technology. He does our generation proud!"

Former taxi and coach driver Bob, who's also a lay preacher, started at our store five years ago as a home shopping driver, but moved to checkouts and self-scan when he had a knee replaced.

Bob, who's in remission for prostate cancer, has no thoughts of retiring. He said: "My brain's active, my metal leg is working and I'm happy.

"I love meeting and greeting people. Every customer is different so you treat them in a different way. When you have been dealing with the public as long as I have you can judge people pretty quickly and you know what sort of things to say to them and how to say it. Everyone laughs at my checkout; it's a happy checkout. Shopping can be a chore, so let's lighten the chore.

"I always talk to the customers and I wind them up a bit too, but they love it. Some people look up and down to see if I'm there or not. I'm just a friendly, happy-go-lucky chap.

"I've been driving people around since 1973 in coaches, buses and taxis so you must be able to communicate.

"I've recently been introducing the new Scan & Go and telling people how to use it. I say to the young people, 'If I can do it at my age then you sure as heck can'.

Bob, who has two children, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, says the colleagues at Asda Bedminster are just one happy family.

He said: "It's lovely working here as being one of the more senior members I get 'Hello Pops' and "Hello Grandad". It really is lovely."

The store's community champion Julie Ryan says she's never heard a bad word about Bob.

She said: "He's just amazing; a fabulous colleague. He's lush. Customers and colleagues love him, he is the most upbeat person you are likely to meet. Nothing is too much trouble for him.

"He's been showing customers much younger than himself how our new Scan & Go system works. He's very tech savvy."

Service section leader Claire Marsh said: "Bob really is such a cheerful character. He's aways chatting to customers and he's always smiling.

"He's a very chirpy, cheeky chappy who has a really wicked, contagious chuckle. He relaxes our customers as he's so friendly with them."

Store manager Stuart Goldspink says Bob is an "absolute credit" to Asda.

He said: "He is a role model for all colleagues and demonstrates the values of what Asda stands for. Thank you Bob for all you do."

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