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Dundee Kirkton colleague Sam makes sure Falklands War veteran gets his groceries

August 23, 2021 10:32am
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When Falklands War veteran Lorne Strong couldn't order his online shopping after his computer broke down, he phoned our Dundee Kirkton store for advice and community champion Samantha Will went above and beyond to help him.

She took down his shopping list, bought all the groceries herself and then delivered them, with the help of her husband, Steven, to his sheltered housing flat where he lives alone.

Sixty-one-year-old Lorne was a company sergeant major in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders for 25 years seeing action but, after suffering 14 stokes, he now has mobility problems and also trouble with his hearing and sight.

Lorne said Sam had been a "real lifeline" to him. He said: "I can't thank her enough. She's been really, really kind. She's gone above and beyond to help me... and then some!"

Sam, who has been community champion for four years, said she was only too happy to help and was now keeping in regular contact with Lorne.

She said: "Lorne has no family and lives on his own in sheltered housing where carers come in morning and night to look after him. He normally uses our delivery service, but his computer decided to totally breakdown.

"He was at a loss as to how he could get his food in for his carers to make for him. He had managed to call a computer shop and ordered a new computer but he wouldn't get that for about a week.

"My only concern was getting this shopping to him as soon as possible. So off I went with his shopping list for microwave meals, bread, milk, coffee and a few other essentials. It came to around £81, which I paid myself. I said not to worry about the cost at the moment and we would sort it out later."

As Sam doesn't drive, she called her husband who picked her up and they took the shopping round to his flat and put it all away for him.

She said: "He was constantly saying what a lifesaver I was and that he really didn’t know what he would have done without us. We were just happy to have helped. This guy fought for his country for many years, it was the least we could do.

"Maybe families of individuals in sheltered housing could maybe check in on other residents that don’t have anyone."

Store manager Dougie McKewan said everyone was proud of Sam's gesture. He said: "Sam is always willing to help out anyone in our community who needs it. The gentleman was in a bit of desperate state when he phoned up and Sam did what she could to help him."

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