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'Hero' Linda helps customer who was having diabetes attack

August 27, 2021 01:59pm
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Well done to quick-thinking Linda Hopgood from our Stonecot store in Surrey who stepped in to help a diabetic customer after spotting the signs that he was having a hypoglycaemia attack as his blood sugar levels were very low.

Linda Hopgood at Stonecot

Linda had just finished serving the customer at her checkout when she realised something was not quite right and that his behaviour was a sign of a diabetic episode.

She kept him calm, fed him some digestive biscuits, chocolate and a smoothie and sat with him until his blood sugar levels had risen and he felt better. A fellow customer, who knows the gentleman, then took them home.

Store manager Dan Phillips, who has nominated Linda for an Asda customer service award, said: "Many people were worried about the customer's behaviour, but Linda saw through this, identified the issue and acted quickly.

"She was so cool, calm and collected and her calm nature helped what could have been a bad situation. The gentleman was very grateful. What a hero. Thank you Linda!"

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