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Customers love the way Jan from our Edlington store is always happy to help

September 3, 2021 11:07am
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Our wonderful colleague Jan Eyre has been going out of her way to help customers at our Edlington store near Doncaster for 45 years – and they've been getting in touch to say how much they love her for it.

Jan Eyre at Asda Edlington

Regular customer Deana Hoop is just one of the people who can't speak highly enough of her, saying: "Jan is amazing. How much better can you be than amazing? She's always so helpful, kind and polite."

Another customer, June Robinson said: "Jan is so lovely and polite. She is always smiling."

And a third regular, Joan Fry, said: "I used to work with Jan and she is so polite, pleasant, smiley and happy ... and she's never changed. I love seeing her when I come into shop."

Jan says it's lovely to be appreciated, but that it comes naturally to her.

She said: "I know most of the customers, as the majority of them are regulars.

"We have a bit of banter and we have a laugh. They tell you their stories and pour their hearts out to you too. You've just got to listen, and I'm a good listener.

"I'll bend over backwards to help my customers. One day someone was struggling with a sandpit so I carried it home for them.

"It's nice to get appreciated, but I'm just a very caring person. I care for my brother, Peter, who has cerebral palsy so it comes naturally. If anyone is struggling I always go up and ask them if they're okay."

Recently, Jan spotted an elderly gentleman with a Zimmer frame struggling in the store, so she did his shopping for him and then she took it to his home about ten minutes away.

This act of kindness has resulted in her being nominated for an Asda customer service award.

Sixty-one-year-old Jan, who works on our chilled department, said: "The chap was pushing a wheelchair and also using a Zimmer frame at the same time and I could see he was really struggling. He didn't have a list, so I told him to tell me what he needed and I got it for him. I asked him how he was getting the shopping home and he said he was doing it himself. I then put the shopping in his wheelchair and pushed it to his home which is assisted living. He was very grateful."

Jan, who herself only lives five minutes from the store, said: "I love everything about my job. I'm so passionate, it's unbelievable. I like doing what I do. I enjoy coming to work.

"My colleagues are amazing. On my section, I'm old enough to be everybody's mum and I do mother them a bit!"

Jan, who's been married for Adrian for 38 years, has two children; Kirsten, who's 31 and has worked in admin at the store for 12 years, and Gavin, who's 29. She also has two grandchildren; Ivy, who's two, and baby Theo.

Elise Murray, service section leader, says no-one ever has a bad word to say about Jan.

She said: "She is inspirational, she really is, and we are so proud of her. Nothing is too much trouble for her. She's very selfless and will do anything for anyone. It's just in her nature to help others.

"Jan is a big part of the store and a big part of the community here. She knows a lot of people in the area and customers go out of their way to say hello to her when they come into store."

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