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'Heartfelt thanks' to Lisa for helping elderly customer who had a nasty fall

September 21, 2021 08:45am
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A huge well done to Lisa Clarke from our Bexleyheath Crook Log supermarket who tended to an 83-year-old customer who'd badly cut his head after blacking out and falling to the ground as he got out of his car.

Lisa Clarke from Asda Bexleyheath Crook Log supermarket

Chilled section leader Lisa, who's 48, administered first aid to the gentleman, staying with him and talking to him until paramedics arrived to make sure he didn't lose consciousness.

Lisa, who's worked at the store for 18 months, said: "He was just going to the cashpoint when he blacked out and fell face down. Being a first aider I was called to go to help. A customer had already called for an ambulance.

"We got him comfortable, kept him warm and tended to his cut. The main thing was to stop him losing consciousness as he kept saying he wanted to go to sleep, so I chatted to him about all sorts of things. His wife had been shopping in the store and didn't know anything had happened until she came outside."

The gentleman was taken to hospital by ambulance and is now recovering at home.

Lisa said: "I'm just thankful that I was able to help, but anyone would have done the same. They are lovely people and I'm just glad that he is now recovering."

Store manager Bryan Counsell, who nominated Lisa for an Asda customer service award, says everyone is proud of her actions.

He said: "We've received communication and heartfelt thanks for how Lisa coped with this situation from his family. Really well done Lisa."

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