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No shaggy dog tale as Jane helps customer locked out of his car by his pet Jack Russell

October 20, 2021 11:16am
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When Jane Cuming from our Dunfermline store overheard that Asda customer Robert Smith had been locked out of his car by his Jack Russell Kelty stepping on a key fob she quickly got the pooch out of the dog house by offering to drive Robert home to pick up his spare key.

jane Cuming from Asda Dunfermline with Robert Smith and Jack Russell Kelty

Jane, who's the store's George manager, has been nominated for an Asda customer service award for her kind gesture in making the six-mile round trip.

Store manager Jim Hunter said: "Robert had stepped out of his Citroen to fill it with petrol, closing the door behind him. Kelty had jumped from the back seat into the front and somehow managed to put a paw down on the key fob which was in the well beneath the radio. This locked all the doors and Robert had no other means of getting in.

"Robert, who was getting rather flustered, came into the store and was explaining what had happened to our customer service desk when Jane overheard what he was saying. She lives in the same area and volunteered to drive him home.

Jane Cuming from Asda Dunfermline

"When they got back to the petrol station with the spare key, Kelty was sitting on the back seat again as if he'd done nothing wrong.

"I think in total it was about half-an-hour from when the dog locked the doors to them returning. Luckily it was a cool, wet day and Kelty was absolutely fine.

"Robert came in the next day with a bunch of flowers for Jane as a thank you. She went over and beyond and we are all proud of her."

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