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Two-year-old Ada helps Elgin home shopping driver Wendy with her delivery

October 22, 2021 10:46am
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Two-year-old Ada Higgins loves dressing up in her Asda apron to play shops – so, when our delivery driver Wendy McNairn arrived and mum Naomi was busy looking after baby Devin, Ada immediately offered to help.

Ada Higgins helps Wendy McNairn from Asda Elgin

Wendy, who's based at our Elgin store, asked Naomi if she'd like her to bring in and unpack the shopping for her while she fed Devin – and with her mum's permission Ada put on her Asda apron, popped on her pink wellies and helped Wendy sort everything out.

Naomi said: "Ada absolutely loved it – she's told everybody about what she did. She loves Asda and was really made up. She even sat in the cab of the van and sounded the horn."

Naomi preparing a bottle for Ada's eight-month-old brother Devin when Wendy arrived.

She said: "Devin was screaming for his bottle and Wendy said 'do you mind me coming into your house with shoes on?', I said 'no' and then she said she would unpack all the shopping for me. I said 'are you sure?' and she said 'yes, I've been there!'.

"At that point, Ada burst in her Asda apron, which Wendy tied for her, and said 'I'm ready!'

Ada Higgins at Asda Elgin

"Wendy then took her out to the van and helped Ada use a pole to get the crates out of the van. Ada then got in the van and beeped the horn and shouted 'out of the way, it's the Asda lady!' She really felt that was she was an Asda worker.

"She loves playing Asda shops – she's got the till, the bags and the groceries, so this just made her day."

Naomi's husband James was out watching Scotland's dramatic win against Israel when Wendy called round.

Ada Higgins at Asda Elgin

Naomi said: "I texted my husband and I said 'you won't believe the photos I'm just about the send you.'

"Wendy was fab. I couldn't thank her enough. Nothing was too much trouble. Sometimes it's hard juggling the two of them so when she was able to do that for me and help unload the shopping it was really kind."

Wendy, who's worked as a home shopping driver at Asda Elgin for 15 years, says she's so pleased that Ada enjoyed her time with her.

She said: "I've got a grandson of a similar age and Ada just wanted to help, so I thought I'd give her a little bit of Asda time!

"She was very cute and very keen to help and I hope I made her day. They are the customers of our future so we have to keep the kids happy as much as keeping the parents happy.

"I love my job, I really do. It is my customers that I work for. You are just doing your job but it's nice to be appreciated."

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