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Customer thanks Telford colleagues who helped when she had a panic attack

November 2, 2021 11:48am
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Asda customer Georgie Lee has thanked our colleagues Hayley Clarke and Colin Thorpe for going out of their way to look after her when she had a panic attack in our Telford store.

Hayley Clarke and Colin Thorpe from Asda in Telford

Georgie, who's 28, says she was overwhelmed by their kindness and posted on Telford Community Support's Facebook page to thank her "lifesavers".

She said: “I went up to a lovely lady who was on the till (Hayley) and told her that I was having a panic attack. I apologised because I felt so silly and practically in tears at this point.

"She told me to sit down and got me a drink from the chemists. Then the man in front of me, Colin (from Asda Living Wrekin Park), who was paying for his own shopping, packed my shopping for me, walking me out of the door and then, bless his heart, took me home.

"Both of them didn't have to take the time to comfort me but they did and it made a massive difference. It just all felt overwhelming. Just opening up and feeling genuinely listened to helped. They didn't need to and it's really quite humbling.

"For anyone who is struggling I genuinely advise in that moment to reach out. If friends or family aren't available in your moment of panic when shopping, which can't always be helped, I guarantee there will be a human within arm's reach – a shopkeeper, security guard, cleaners; anyone with a friendly face. Compassion and empathy can make a massive difference"

Her post received more than 600 likes with dozens of comments thanking the colleagues.

Here's just a few:

"So pleased for you that there were understanding people around. There are some truly wonderful people around"

"Well done to Asda colleagues, lady at Asda Town Centre & Colin from Asda Living. Glad you are feeling better"

"Thank you to Asda’s for taking such a professional approach to you and showing that there really are some caring people out there still!!xxx"

"Absolutely lovely to hear - panic attacks and anxiety are horrendous and few people understand. Well done those people and keep strong x"

"Huge well done to the Asda staff. It’s really good to see mental health needs being recognised and positive, supportive attitudes towards it."

Both colleagues have now been nominated for Asda service superstar awards for their kind acts.

Holly Ince, store manager at Asda Living Wrekin Park, said: "What Colin did didn't surprise us. He is a lovely caring colleague who will do anything for anyone. Colin, you are a credit to our store and a hero!"

And Sharon Fenn, community champion at our Telford store, said: "Hayley is such a caring person. She's very bubbly and down to earth. She's very much a people person and what she did doesn't surprise us here."

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