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19-year-old Brad is always happy to help elderly customer with her shopping

November 5, 2021 00:51pm
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When one of our regular customers comes into our Rossington supermarket on her mobility scooter she immediately heads over to see 19-year-old Brad Scollard who she knows will do everything he can to help her with her shopping.

Brad Scollard from Asda Rossington helps elderly customer with her shopping

As well as picking up her groceries – chatting to her as they go round the store – Brad also helps her through the checkout and packs her shopping before placing it neatly on her scooter and making sure she gets off safely.

He's been rewarded for his kindness and nominated for an Asda customer service award after the lady, who's in her 70s, stopped our store manager Justin McCrae to tell him what a Godsend Brad is to her.

Brad has worked at the store, which is just outside Doncaster, for 18 months and says helping people is second nature to him.

He said: "I always help people who are struggling. That's the way I was brought up; it's just the way I am.

"The lady comes in in her mobility scooter and I just go around the store with her and pick the groceries for her as she struggles as some of the items are too high for her to reach.

"She doesn't have a list as such – it's all in her head. It's usually just a small shop she does when she comes in. We have a chat when we are going round – just general stuff – and I always ask her how she is. She's a lovely lady."

Justin says the whole store is proud of Brad.

He said: "He is one of the reasons she visits our store so often. She is so grateful for what he does that she went out of her way to tell me that. She said he makes her shopping experience more pleasurable.

"Every time she comes in Brad stops what he's doing and goes out of his way to help her. She struggles with her mobility and has poor vision so he guides her round the store and they have a friendly chat. They have a bit of a rapport going.

"Brad is a great colleague to have in the shop as he can do anything. He is a big character with a big personality and very popular with the customers. He lives in the village and knows a lot of people.

"We are right in the middle of the village here, so we are the heart of the community in a way. We will bend over backwards for our customers."

"A lot of our customers do come in every day and buy little and often, instead of a big weekly shop."

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