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Diane and Pudsey to the rescue after little Charlie loses his Children in Need ears!

November 19, 2021 10:41am
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When four-year-old Charlie Howes lost the special Pudsey Bear ears he needed for Children in Need day at his school he was heartbroken ... until our Blyth store's community champion Diane Dinning and Pudsey Bear himself surprised him at his home with a new pair!

Diane said: "Little Charlie was over the moon when Pudsey knocked on his door! It was so magical to see his face light up.

"His mum had tried to buy him some ears, but everywhere was sold out so as she's a regular at our store she got in touch to see if we could help. I managed to find him a pair so myself and Pudsey went to surprise him and hand delivered some ears and other goodies."

Charlie's mum Natalie Nicklin says Charlie, who goes to Malvin's Wise Academy, is so happy now and hasn't stopped talking about his visit from Pudsey.

She said: "When Pudsey turned up at the door it was so lovely. Charlie went all shy at first, but he couldn't stop smiling. I thought he was going to cry – and I nearly cried! It was such a nice thing for them do; absolutely amazing.

"Charlie ran to his school this morning and told all his friends and teachers that Pudsey Bear came to his house. He wore the ears and the badge and took his little Pudsey bear that Diane had brought him. He's so happy."

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