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Kind Asda Wallsend pair check on elderly customer after noticing they hadn't seen her

November 19, 2021 03:15pm
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When checkouts colleagues Nicole Fox and Hannah Waziri from our Wallsend supermarket realised they hadn't not seen one of their regular customers for a few weeks they decided to go round to her house to make sure she was okay.

 Nicole Fox and Hannah Waziri from Asda Wallsend

It turned out that the lady, who is in her 80s, had suffered a stroke and hadn't been able to leave her home, so she was thrilled when she saw Nicole and Hannah's friendly faces at her door.

Nicole said: "We were getting a bit worried as she comes in every Thursday and I always pack her bags for her. We've been speaking to her for ages so we knew where she lived so we thought we'd pop round and check up on her."

The pair took along some biscuits and had a good chat with her on her doorstep.

Service section leader Wendy Burns, who nominated Nicole and Hannah for Asda customer service awards, said: "We are really, really proud of them. It was so lovely of them.

"The customer was buzzing – she was over the moon with their visit. It meant a great deal to her and made her day. A neighbour had been doing her shopping for her as she couldn't get out. A few weeks later she was feeling a bit better and came back into store too.

"We are a very community based store here and everyone seems knows each other and looks out for each other."

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