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Asda delivery driver Phil hands out superhero certificates to thank young helpers

November 25, 2021 02:04pm
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Home shopping driver Phil Griggs is handing out special "Superhero" certificates to reward youngsters who help him when he delivers their parents' groceries – and they've been going down a treat with his customers and their little ones.

Phil Griggs from Asda Grimsby

One customer wrote into our Grimsby store to thank Phil for his kind act, saying: "He delivered our grocery order this afternoon and he was brilliant with my two little boys, got them really involved in unpacking and then to our surprise, gave them a certificate for being Superhero Shopping Helpers. They were absolutely over the moon and it was just such a lovely touch."

Fifty-five-year-old Phil, who's worked for Asda for two years, said: "I always try to encourage the kids to help to offload when I'm making their deliveries ... and I'm always grateful of the help too.

"Seeing the kids being happy and smiling while they help is lovely and I thought I can take this one stage further and give them a certificate to tell them that they've been absolutely amazing.

"It's a way of encouraging, enthusing and rewarding the children for getting involved. I handed one over to a little girl the other day and she held it in her hand and ran off shouting 'Grandad, Grandad look what I've got!' Their eyes just light up and they are just so, so happy."

Superhero Shopping Help certificate designed by Phil Griggs from Asda Grimsby

Home shopping manager Andy Burkitt, who's nominated Phil for an Asda service superstar award, said: "Phil came up the idea as he said he was always getting help from children on his deliveries and that they loved seeing the Asda man turn up with the deliveries.

"We think it's brilliant. He's been handing them out for the last few weeks and the response has been great. He always gets a lot of positive feedback."

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